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Launching Your Career in a Down Economy: Insights & Advice from the Class of 2008 - Shared screen with speaker view
Molly Seaman
Hi Ashley! As a junior majoring in Poetry and minoring in French and The Book who wants to be an English professor, I am scared. Can you talk more about grad school during a time of panic?
Melissa Taing
Hi! I'm a first generation student too, and I still don't know what I want to do for a career, but don't know how to talk to my family about my interests and desire to explore. What is your advice for finding your place? And about sharing it with others?
Molly Seaman
Follow-up for Ashley: I actually do small non-profit work, and I’m looking to do it in-between undergraduate and graduate school since I need to find a way to pay for grad school… is small non-profit work a viable way to pay for life during a pandemic?
Ashley Harkrader
Hi Molly - Yes! Small nonprofits tend to pay smaller salaries but with a solid budget I think you can do it.
Ashley Harkrader
We’re old! Tiger Link wasn’t a thing when we graduated but I’m on it!
Brett Woodard